Porch Swing Beds, Outdoor Baby Swings and Crafts

Built to Last & Built to Love

In this modern rush-along world, HammMade swing beds and baby swings are an invitation to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Built to last with hand-selected materials and solid craftsmanship, our swing beds, baby swings and crafted signs will give your home a haven of rest and joy for years to come.

  • Porch Swing Bed

    The Porch Swing Bed adds a social element to your front porch. It is a great way to visit with your neighbors and can be found on many porches down South. At HammMade, we enjoy a glass of tea when we relax on our swing bed. This product is built to last. The materials are hand selected and put together with solid craftsmanship. Are you ready to add a Swing Bed Porch Swing to your front porch? Contact us  today!

  • Outdoor Baby Swing

    Our HammMade Outdoor Baby Swings are made to last. They let your kids swing in style and can be used by each member of your family while they are growing up. Hang the outdoor baby swing from the front porch or a tree bough to add a little bit of charm to your front yard. Are you ready to get your little one swinging? Contact us  today!

  • Wood Signs

    Each of our wood signs is hand painted and uniquely designed. They are an excellent addition to your home, adding a personal touch to any of your rooms.

  • Mantels

    Mantels created by HammMade are full of character. Each mantel has a unique look and is unlike any other product in our store. HammMade mantels are perfect for your home.

  • Mirrors

    Our custom handcrafted charming mirrors are a great decorative and practical addition to your home. Each mirror is uniquely framed and painted to create a unique look in your home.

July 8, 2015

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